Handling Your Marble Product

When we’ve finished your marble creation in the quaint Tuscan town of Pietrasanta, a wooden crate is built specifically for your piece. This is to ensure maximum safety when shipping the product to its final destination. But even with this level of precaution, accidents might happen.

Receiving Your Product

We kindly ask you to follow these steps when receiving your product:


  • If everything’s in order, as it usually is, feel free to sign the shipping documents as proof of receiving the product. In case of damages on crate, wrapping or actual product, please sign the shipping documents as proof of receiving, but with reservations for potential damages when opening the crate.


  • Open the wooden crate within 24 hours to review your product and make sure everything’s in order.


  • In case of damaged goods, please contact MarmoMarmo in maximum 24 hours after receiving your order. Make sure to send picture documentation and a short description to This gives us the opportunity to file an insurance claim and handle the issue in the best possible manner. (Picture documentation: images of damaged goods, crate, detailed images of damages


Unpacking Your Product

  • One side of the crate is assembled with screws on one side. Use a screwdriver to untighten these screws in this side.
  • Remove the now loose wooden boards and simultaneously lift the product. Mare sure to lift the tabletop vertically out of the crate and move to a horizontal position just before placing it in its final destination. The product must not be dragged, lifted in one side only, etc., as it can damage the product and material. 


Handling Your Marble Product

Despite the well-known hardness and weight of marble, it’s important to be attentive to it  being a natural material with glassy veins not visible to the human eye. Important: never stand on your marble table or place heavy objects on overhangs (e.g. kitchen tabletops). 


When moving your product, please be mindful of:

Cubes & Smaller Products - Mind the edges when moving your product. Edges might be damaged if the cube isn’t carefully moved. 

Smaller tabletops (e.g. side tables or bathroom modules) - Lift straight and put down carefully. 

Tabletops without cutouts (e.g. dinner tables) - We recommend getting help from professionals who are used to heavy lifting.

Tabletop with cutouts (e.g. kitchen tabletops) - Tabletops like this should always be carried and installed by professionals.