3 ways to take care of your marble creation
Care & Wear
Create Your Table
We fully endorse life-long wear and the inevitable patina filled with memories from family dinners, late nights, and moments of creativity. But how do you take care of your marble creation?

Being a natural stone it reacts to its environment - whether it's a certified and long-term tested impregnation or a glass of fruity red wine on a bare stone. If treated properly, all marble creations can last for generations, but proper care is essential for getting the most out of the precious resources we have. That's why we exclusively work with the best sealers we can find. Every MarmoMarmo creation is delivered with our preferred impregnation. The formula is developed with experts from Akemi and designed to preserve color and finish for many years to come.

Treat Your Table Before Use
Treat Your Table Before Use

Before soaking your table in red wine and pizza (don't worry, we know you're behaving), please take a minute to prepare your table for the good times ahead.

(1) Clean the desired surface from dust with water and wait for it to dry.

(2) Shake your bottle of impregnation before use.

(3) Apply impregnation to a lint-free cloth and distribute evenly across the surface.

(4) Before drying, wipe off excess impregnation.

(5) The protecting effect will start in minutes after treatment and will reach full protection in 2-3 hours.

(6) Feel free to re-do this several times to create multiple layers of protection. 

(7) We recommend repeating this easy process twice a year to preserve the color, structure, and finish of your marble creation.