The Meta Vases

The Meta Vases

NomNom Studio is a Danish design platform founded by photographer Michael Rygaard in 2020. The Meta series created up-cycled plastic pipes that entered the design world during the Pandemic and made a splash with their organic and twisted shapes. 


The Meta series now comes to life in a super-limited run of one-off vases in marble made by MarmoMarmo. The stone-savvy brand entered the scene in 2021 giving customers the opportunity to design marble creations to their wishes.  



"The Meta series enters a new phase with the one-off vases in marble made by MarmoMarmo, showcasing  the possibilities when modern aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship come together. I love how the soft shapes of the original vase have been taken to a new level in this project.", says Michael Rygaard, founder of NomNom.




The manufacturing takes place in the MarmoMarmo workshop in Pietrasanta, Tuscany. A quaint little town in Tuscany serves as a divider between the Apuan Alps and the Mediterranean and a bastion of arts and craftsmanship. The town is a hub for marble sculptors, drawing masters from around the world who want to walk in the footsteps of Michelangelo, who personally came here, and to Seravezza to choose his marble blocks extracted from the Apuan Alps. Today, the abilities and know-how of working with marble and other stones and minerals are still passed down verbally from master to novice.

The manufacturing method is part machine, part hand, making it possible to create the vases’ soft, almost unnatural, organic shape.


The one-off vases are available now here