Now Available: The Silver Root by Caia Leifsdotter

Now Available: The Silver Root by Caia Leifsdotter


Things aren't always what they seem. When thinking about steel and marble, most people think of hard surfaces with expressive edges. But there's always the exception. Enter the Silver Root by Caia Leifsdotter.

The sculptural Silver Root base made a splash when entering the scene in 2020 in the original steel version. The playful curves deceive the eye by offering soft aesthetics and something highly original.

We are happy to now offer the Silver Root in both steel and marble.
The marble base is handmade in Tuscany by local artisans and provides a visual experience out of the ordinary.

The tables feature bullnose/rounded edges and a matte finish.

The marble base is available in:

  • Bianco Carrara
  • Botticino Classico
  • Calacatta Viola
  • Calacatta Vagli
  • Fior di Bosco
  • Cippolino
  • Giallo Siena
  • Verde Italia
  • Bardiglio Nuvolato
  • Rosso Levanto



Oval  & Round



200x110 & 240x110

Ø140 & Ø160


Prices from 51.000 DKK including shipping.

Please contact us to get a quote.