Avenue by Soren Rose Studio

Avenue by Soren Rose Studio

MarmoMarmo & Soren Rose Studio conspire to create the Avenue Frame.


Make no mistake: the core focus of Soren Rose Studio is design in all shapes and forms whether it's products, furniture, or bespoke projects. 


Always on the prowl to upgrade, collaborate, and innovate, the design philosophy of Soren Rose Studio is simple: be passionate about the project, or don't do it. 


Founded on the pillars of this, we're excited to announce our forthcoming collaboration with the esteemed design studio: the Avenue Table.


"I always felt anxiety about creating objects in marble, not only because our design ancestors like Castiglioni who designed the iconic Arco lamp, or Michelangelo who carved his way through thousands of tons of marble during the Renaissance, but also out of outright respect for natural material, you really have to benchmark with top piers before being bold enough to make furniture in marble. At Soren Rose Studio we have worked with custom build marble for 15 years and we were thrilled to meet the dedicated team behind MarmoMarmo and be part of their quest to obtain perfection by manufacturing beautiful furniture and objects.” - Soren Rose


The manufacturing takes place in the MarmoMarmo workshop in Pietrasanta, Tuscany. A quaint little town in Tuscany serves as a divider between the Apuan Alps and the Mediterranean and a bastion of arts and craftsmanship. The town is a hub for marble sculptors, drawing masters from around the world who want to walk in the footsteps of Michelangelo, who personally came here, and to Seravezza to choose his marble blocks extracted from the Apuan Alps. Today, the abilities and know-how of working with marble and other stones and minerals are still passed down verbally from master to novice.

Create Your Table 



The Avenue table is offered in an array of shapes and sizes.