At Home With Photographer Ditlev Rosing

At Home With Photographer Ditlev Rosing




Danish photographer and director Ditlev Rosing works with still and moving images. Fascinated with a daylight feeling and simplicity he aims to capture natural situations with honesty and emotions. His work spreads from printet editorials to commercial campaigns on both film and still.



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How did you end up as a photographer?


I grew up with very creative parents, so it felt very natural to look for a more creative path in life. From my childhood, I remember my mom always having a camera with her; she enjoyed documenting everything we did, which has resulted in many amazing photographs which are all connected to great childhood memories. When I got older, I got a film camera of my own and discovered how fantastic photography is.

Back in the day, shooting film rolls and picking them up from development at the camera store, always hoping to get just one or two decent pictures. Most often I was disappointed, but it didn’t matter. I just kept on shooting cause I still loved it.

I love the feeling of capturing and creating a moment of time because that exact image could never be captured again. It is unique, and I find there is some kind of magic to that. Like stopping time. 





What’s your creative process when starting on a new project?

It’s hard to specify my creative process, as it’s all in my head. I just kind of flow into the project, play around with different ideas and figure out how I want it to look or how it’s supposed to look. But that’s also what I see as my strength; I don’t have one predefined notion of what I want my image to look like. I keep myself very open to all possibilities. I sense the surroundings, the light, and the atmosphere which for my part means, that I can shoot a large range of things, cause I can capture something in many settings by embracing what I have at that given time and at that given moment. It’s all about seeing what’s in front of you and figuring out how to get the most out of that subject. That's how I’ve formed my creative process, and how I feel I can create the most honest and vibrant pictures - a person, an object, or landscape. It’s all the same. Look at it and see where it takes you. You are creating a fantasy, but you have to make it believable.


Is there any connection between your creative work and how you choose to decorate your home?

I never thought about that, but yes, I think there is. In my pictures, I like simplicity, honesty, and most of all, light. I like a classic look and I don’t follow trends just for the sake of it being trendy. I like images with an open story, where you can look at them and dream about what happened before and after. In the same way, I like to live with a few, but important things, that are attached to a moment, a memory, or a story. 

Decorating is one thing, as is surrounding myself with meaningful items, but equally important is the light. The light really inspires me and how it “falls” into the room, creating an atmosphere with shadows and highlights.

I think I see everything in images, so I tend to decorate my home the way I want my images to feel. Easy, and balanced.






Are you dreaming of a "holy grail" item for your home?

I’m not that connected to things. I think the value comes from the stories you put into it. But all design that has a purpose, is timeless, and makes the world a more beautiful place has its right.


Your dream photographic assignment?

I have many different things I want to do as a photographer, but over time I have found out that you can’t be chasing specific assignments. All the milestones I’ve had and that I have accomplished of course feel great. But it also leaves you with a hollow feeling, as your expectations were so much higher – and then you chase on for the next one. It's just a never-ending road of never being satisfied. I think it makes more sense to look at what this job gives you. To me, it's about creating, teamwork, memories of nice shoots, the sound of the shutter, getting that image that just speaks to you, all kinds of small things that make you want to do it day after day.




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