At Home With Cecilie Hertz

At Home With Cecilie Hertz

Many city-dwellers can relate to that age-old dream of moving to the countryside and the tranquility that follows along. Birds chirping and corn fields moving like waves in the wind. However, very few people actually take the plunge and make the big move out of the city towards a life where the supermarket isn't two blocks down and electric scooters are traded for horses on a field.

That didn't stop artist Cecilie Hertz and her family though.

A many-year Copenhagen resident, Cecilie and Co. sold their Frederiksberg apartment and found a run-down farmhouse 30 minutes north of Copenhagen. No stranger to renovations, the family made an A-Z update of the rustic farmhouse with the utmost respect for the original details and heritage of such a place.

Today the farmhouse serves as a family home and a working space housing the atelier of Cecilie.

At MarmoMarmo we're happy to contribute to the creation of this amazing house by sourcing, creating, and installing the Lava tabletop and built-in coffee station while also placing Nero Assoluto and Nero Marquina tiles and sinks in the stunning bathrooms.